How to apply eyebrow waxing :

Be natural is the best thing for everyone but some bodies hate to be natural because they think that their natural eyebrows give them the ugly look. We saw some women with thicker eyebrows and we know thicker eyebrows are the way to look giant type in every dressing. If they are too much thicker then they will also affect your personality and the color, shape and size of your face look dreadful with them.

So that’s why waxing is the biggest issue among women, usually Asian women get caught in the trouble of having thicker eyebrows, they try to prevent them by waxing and threading. Just read out the given easiest and admirable tips to wax your eyebrows just in few minutes, these tips and tricks will help you to get rid of thicker eyebrows.

Things You Need While Waxing

  •    A strip of cotton or jeans cloth, but cotton cloth is the suitable cloth for waxing.
  •    After wax lotion, to prevent your eye surface from redness and rashes.
  •    Any sort of talcum powder if your skin is oily, it will make the way of waxing easier.
  •    Cream-wax applicator for the waxing of desired parts of the body.
  •    Tips and Tricks to Start Waxing
Here are some tricks to do eye waxing, just get some guideline to make your eyebrows attractive and good looking.

 Wash Your Face
Be sure that the desired part of the body which you are going to wax is oil free, before waxing wash your face with fresh water and use an oil free soap for the washing purpose.

Dry Your Face
 Fully dry your face with towel or tissue paper, apply powder on the required part which you are going to wax.

 Make the Strips of Cloth
If you have large amount of cloth then just cut down it into small stripes, be sure that the strips should be small. The width of strips should be 1 inch and the length of strip should be 3 inch. Because you are going to wax very small and sensitive part of your body, so that’s why the strips should be of these seizes.

Last Step to Waxing
 Use a small brush to apply wax on your eyebrows means on the extra hair around your eyes, make the mask type appearance of wax and then cover it with the strip of cotton cloth. Make sure if it is fix and remove it. Now repeat it as needed, when you finished waxing then apply after wax lotion to prevent your skin from rashes and dark circles.
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