Unwanted hair is a cause of embarrassment for many. While you need to get rid of unwanted hair at hidden places like armpits for hygienic purposes and to get rid of body odor, the hair on your face, hands, legs etc. does not pose any risk to your health. But yes, these unwanted hair can be removed so that you feel confident enough to face people. Clean and clear skin is a dream of everyone and you are no exception. So, if you have decided to get rid of your unwanted hair and are researching about various techniques like laser, electrolysis, permanent waxing etc. you must try certain home remedies for hair removal for some days. You may succeed in saving a lots of money and getting rid of unwanted hair removal in an easy and cheap way.

Many of us follow many techniques of hair removal for under arms like shaving, waxing, using hair removing creams and even facial hair removal. Here ‘s giving your a few tips as to how to do these hair removal techniques for your under arms and still get that smooth skin for underarms by following the right technique.

For Shaving:

1. Take a hot shower first or dip a cotton pad or towel in warm water and clean and remove any debris left from clothes or dirt and any deodorant traces.

2: Lather your arm pits with a generous amount of soap or shampoo or shaving foam or cream whichever you use. Using the warm water and soap one after the other quickly will help soften the hair on the arm pits.

3: Lift your hand high up, so that the skin is stretched for a better shave and shave carefully in up, down or side ways motion since arm pits hair grows in different directions and you need a very clean shave for letting hairs not grow back for a good sometime.

4: After one arm is done, clean the razor under running tap water and follow the same process for the other arm.

5: After you are thoroughly done, take diluted antiseptic liquid in a cotton ball and clean any traces of hair from the arm pits.

6: Take your favorite cream, or plain pure virgin olive oil and massage on to your under arms.Wear a sleeveless dress if you gotta dress immediately or wear sleeved clothes after sometime to let the oil or cream get soaked up.

7: I really dont know if hair retarding creams work, but if they do then you can massage it on to your underarms at night before going to bed .

For Waxing:

As for me whenever I’ve done waxing though i generally follow shaving, it’s safe, fast and easy, I’ve gone for ayur cold wax.

1: With cotton dipped in plain water clean the underarms from any traces of debris of deodorant.

2: Spread some baby powder on to your under arm skin to dry it out.

3: Dip the spatula and take the cold wax or warm wax. If you are using warm wax in the direction of hair growth, usually downwards faced.

4: Place the wax strip in the downward direction and press it down.

5: Pull off the wax strip with an Ouch in the opposite direction of hair growth. Immediately put pressure on to the skin, press it down with your hand to sooth it.

6: If you are using ready made wax strips then just rub them against each other, place them like said above and remove with a pull in the opposite direction.

7: After waxing is done, clean with a moistened cotton ball or use an after shave lotion to cool down the skin, and follow up with massaging cream or olive oil right after waxing and hair retarders if needed at night before sleeping.

For Hair Removing creams:

Yet another hair removing techniques, but they may burn your skin, so do a patch test first before anything else.

1. Clean you’re under arms with a cotton ball to remove all debris and deodorant traces.

2: Read the instructions as to how long it is suitable for you depending on your hair thickness and coarseness.

3: Take your hand high, use the cream with the spatula and cover the hair evenly, take a look into mirror if needed.

4: Keep warm water in a bowl and use towel or cotton balls dipped into it and remove the cream from the under arms after the required time.

5: Clean well and use a moisturizer or olive oil and follow it by a night routine of hair retarding cream if you prefer.

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