How to whiten your skin with lemons? Whiten skin does not mean a drastic change skin color becomes whiter than before. But will you to do this is to make skin look to be healthy, clean, fresh and glowing. This effect will make your skin become whiter and flawless.

One of the benefits of lemon juice in the field of beauty is the amount of vitamin C that can make your skin white, smooth, and elastic. This fruit contains vitamin C for antioxidant benefits. Vitamin C is very nice to brighten skin tone. So lime can be a way for your natural skin whitening.

To get the white skin and smooth, there are two ways you can do. “To whiten and soften skin and minimize pores, can be done in two ways.

First, by taking it. Because by consume oranges, vitamin C is absorbed by the body will be maximal.

Second, by rubbing lemon slices on the face and body skin regularly every day. Orange juice is acting as your natural skin whitening. But keep in mind that this is not absolutely true for every skin.

Tips to whiten your skin naturally with lemon

Clean your face twice a day. Before going to bed and after you wake up. Use cleansing milk and fresheners to remove the remaining dirt on the face. Cut the lemon, then you can rub lemon slices on your face area until evenly.
Every week, doing scrubs and mask for face and body scrubs for the skin. This is useful to remove dead skin cells (exfoliation) that accumulate on the skin of the face and body. In this way to accelerate the turnover of skin cells layer, that will automatically make the skin look fresh and glowing. Use natural scrub like a mixture of sugar and olive oil or honey. For the mask: using a mask from a mixture of 1 piece of tomato juice and lemon juice. The ingredients citric acid in lemons was able to whiten your skin. Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse.

Drink Vitamin C and E on a regular basis can also restore the freshness and beauty of the skin. Your skin will look healthy and glowing. To get a good source of vitamin C, you can make lemon juice.

Use facial moisturizer, body lotion and sunblock PF20 on the body to ward off heat of the sun.
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