Eliminate dandruff, for healthy and fashion, Dandruff, who never dandruff, dandruff is flaking of dead skin cells on the scalp, and the small pieces of white that appears on the scalp is accompanied by itching.

Dandruff and it also includes one hair problem that is often experienced by many people, and almost everyone has experienced problems with dandruff. Actually, dandruff can be removed easily, if we take proper care to eliminate them. 

Following this, a live beauty pedia, will give you tips to eliminate dandruff, below. the first to use Baking soda is just a very useful thing to have in the house. and It makes a huge role in many natural home remedies, and can help to overcome dandruff for a number of reasons. 

First, gently exfoliate skin excess. It also kills or acts as a fungicide, and mushrooms are generally available on the scalp can cause dandruff everyone, then by using vinegar, vinegar can be used to get rid of dandruff? yes, of course, white vinegar dandruff reliever is excellent for tried and practiced at home.  How to mix a cup of white vinegar with water, then pour or pour on the scalp after shampooing and then let stand a few minutes, scrub and rinse with clean water.

 The following way, using salt, salt can also be used to eliminate dandruff? yes, of course, is not just for cooking in the kitchen course seasoning, salt useful to eliminate excessive dandruff. It's easy, just by taking salt before washing the hair, then sprinkle salt on the scalp evenly, then rubbing salt to seep into the entire surface of the scalp.

 the last way, is a natural way to use the sun, how? by way of basking in the sun, There is a possibility that the dry weather in the winter can cause dandruff due to lack of sunlight. because the light might help drain some of the excess oil, or maybe get a bit of time outside in the sun can make people healthier overall. Whatever the actual reason is, there is something to be tried

so , this article about , Eliminate dandruff, for healthy and fashion .

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