How to create a bright face and confident, has a beautiful face and glowing certainly is the desire of every woman to look beautiful, healthy and confident when fashion, skin beautiful face of Hollywood celebrities, which is a dream of every person, following the live beauty pedia will provide tips, about how to brighten the face, easy way to brighten dull skin, less oily shine radiant and naturally, in a way to brighten dull and oily face naturally this course.

 we can perform maintenance on the face in a proper manner so as to face brightens dull and oily in quite easy and short. face dull and lacking shine beauty is usually caused because, unhealthy lifestyle can also cause the skin to become dull and greasy, the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle is certainly not the only risk to the health of the body but can also impact on the health of our skin becomes dull and do not shine, then it could be due to our environment, the immediate environment can also be a cause of dull and oily skin.  

particles that exist in the unhealthy environment of course can be easily attached to the surface of our skin that lead to dull skin. and some bacteria present in the air in an unhealthy environment. These free radicals that can trigger skin dull and damage the health of the skin itself and cause hormonal us unstable so that the skin produces excess oil.  

And most importantly, because we are not drinking, Lack of drinking water is also one of the causes of dull and oily face. Water is needed by the body to moisturize the skin naturally. If the body is dehydrated certainly not the water that comes out through the pores of the skin, but the oils causing our skin dull and not shining. So with something like this skin appear greasy.  

The following are tips to overcome the dullness, the first is the removal of dead skin Exfoliate or very important to get a smooth face without blackheads and look beautiful. each do a few days removing dead skin to make it look beautiful, and then after that use masks, to lift the debris and provide vitamins to the skin so that it becomes a beautiful face, use a face mask

Choose a mask that suits your skin condition. For example, for sensitive skin, cucumber finger mask will help to cool and relax the face after activity, and do not forget to drink 8 liters a day so that moisture is maintained.

 so , this tips and review from live beauty pedia 

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