Overcome acne
Overcome acne, acne is a disease that is very disturbing, because it makes us less confident in carrying out our activities livestyle fashion, especially women, Acne is a skin disease that is quite a large number of patients, in which the clogged skin pores, causing an inflamed sac of pus , following the live beauty pedia will provide tips to overcome acne and make your face healthy and confident in your style underwent live events.

Tips first, if your face affected by acne, give the egg white, the way is to separate the egg yolk and white take eggs alone. Whisk briefly and then apply to face and let sit for a few minutes. The egg white will help reduce oil on the face which often cause acne because acne comes from the oil on your face, so you can try to give the egg whites, so that the oil is reduced, and how to treat facial acne in order not to appear Cange Skin Beauty and is to take care of our skin beauty , guarding against dust, hygiene care Always face every day of dirt and dust on the road. For us that is always active and dealing with road dust, then diligent cleaning your face before and after the activity.

As and do not forget to consume eat vegetables and drink water and can also use the tomatoes, the tomato fruit is in addition good for eye health is also good and very effective at removing blackheads blackheads black. The first thing to do is slice the tomatoes in half and rub all over your face with acne and leave for a few minutes, and rinse with warm water, so that our face look fresh,

Or can also use aloe vera Caution do not use the tongue Take a leaf of aloe vera, cut some parts, take the rest of the aloe vera on the skin, apply on the acne that appears, and repeat doing it this way every morning and afternoon. If you are patient enough, may be able to dry up acne pimples us, and also can remove acne scars is, in a few days, so we have to be continue to use the aloe vera leaf, and the last that we face healthy and free from acne so visible aura of beauty, we can use garlic, to soften the garlic until fairly smooth and then applied to the facial acne, and most importantly, the diet in the guard, and not to lack of water.

so , this tips to Overcome acne , from live beauty pedia , beauty for your live

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