body odor is sometimes make us less confident, it also marks a lot of bacteria in our bodies, this time a live beauty pedia gives healthy and beauty tips to overcome them, as we have seen, that the body odor is caused by bacteria that mixes with sweat. Body odor is also called the bromhidrosis or sometimes also known by the name bromidrosis, Sweat produced from a gland that is in our bodies that accrine and apocrine glands.

Both of these glands has a function to the difference with the other nodes, to overcome, in a natural way, using betel leaf, betel leaves one of the benefits is to eliminate body odor really easy way.

Provide at least 30 sheets or more which could be important if we think enough. Mix with enough water. Then heat until the water is really boiling. After that mix the betel cooking water with cold water to the cooking water is not too hot.

After that, wash with boiled water betel leaf. Do this regularly, bathe with water betel leaf has been known to eliminate body odor, then you can also try using a fruit / vegetable cucumber, cucumber for healthy and beauty for fashion but delicious cucumber in addition we also make friends sauce as fresh vegetables, are also useful for facial beauty we can also use it to eliminate body odor how to cut cucumber crosswise then apply to underarms after bathing.

then it could also use lemon, lemon lot of benefits to health, and beauty, Grab some lemons and cut, the lemon fruit and then sprinkle the surface of the piece of lemon slices earlier with whiting to taste after blended then spread to the armpit in order to neutralize the odor of our bodies, and the latest tips from the live beauty pedia, ginger is by drinking water, if we often use ginger to warm, however we can also use ginger as a medicine to treat body odor.

We can also take ginger regularly to avoid body odor. in addition to the tips we also need to maintain the cleanliness of our bodies to look beauty and healthy and confident when conducting fashion. so , this tips from live beauty pedia.

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