how to care for the skin for healthy beauty for fashion, taking care of our skin, so beautiful and pretty to look at, following the live beauty pedia give tips how, so that we look good while doing fashion and stay healthy, the first to use a moisturizer, choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type. You should try the product first.

 Avoid areas of facial skin, apply a little product on the side of the neck that can be covered with hair if you have a reaction. Once passed the tests and the results are good, you can continue the product. If the product contains easy irritating retinol or alpha hydroxy acids to keep using basic cleaning without antioxidants and cause flaking.

whereas for the natural way, is to use lemon, lime also has properties to remove dead skin cells so that the skin can be more subtle. Leather wedges are also used in cosmetics for body care. You can rub lemon juice in a dry spot. Do not forget to use lotion after a bath or a moisturizer that has the function of our body skin retain moisture. Find a moisturizer that contains natural ingredients for dry skin treatment. Use after a bath or when going to sleep. Large pores appear due to clogging dead skin and oil. The quickest way to fix this is to use a in the night.

in addition, other causes of dry skin is due to lack of cleaner in the care of the body so it is still a lot of dirt. Perform routine to cleanse the body. Use a good herbal soap to wipe the body, because the soaps that contain chemicals can make the skin dry.

and for the skin care at night, use a lotion for our skin stay moist and not dry, and choose a good and suitable lotion for our skin, because skin care Doing good and right is not really easy, all it requires attention, effort and patience in treating facial skin or skin. So what friends want can be realized easily.

or can use the following fruits,
Potatoes have benefits as bleach cells damaged by sunburn and eliminate the black bags under the eyes, for the excellent potato is used to treat skin. and Papaya fruit other than either is used for digestion, is also beneficial to rejuvenate facial skin. Benefits of papaya fruit is very well known that it can prevent wrinkles on the face and can delete dead skin cells. so , this tips.

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