Eliminate underarm hair, beauty for fashion, especially for women underarm hair, it is very disturbing, make less confident when appearing fashion, but keep calm, live beauty pedia will provide to remove underarm hair, make it look pretty, and more confident in a fashion, which the easiest is to shave, Shaving is the easiest way that we can try to remove underarm hair, but unfortunately it will not last long.

 If friends want to know how to shave is good and right, so it does not become black armpit and injuries, should friends can follow the following ways.

Before shaving, give a little cream or shaving foam on the armpit friends, or by using a bit of shampoo. Make sure the razor sharp and new, then shave with the way the direction of hair growth, and do it slowly so as not to hurt and blackened, and stay healthy.

then by using hair removal cream can we buy at the nearest drug store for fashion. By using this hair removal cream, friends will be free from her armpits in a few weeks, but in use it should be careful friends. Because if it does not match the skin companions this cream will cause irritation to the skin.

then the second step we do in a natural way, ie by applying a mask yam or using pieces of lemon and cucumber, shredded cucumber to taste, then mix with the lemon, then rub evenly on the armpits and let stand in the armpit and let stand for a few minutes. Do it at night so that a maximum visible results.

can also use turmeric or saffron puree then just take the water and mix it with water whiting. way can eliminate underarm hair turmeric can apply on your underarms after you pluck the feathers so that no hairy armpits do not grow anymore even to permanent. so , this tips  Eliminate underarm hair, beauty for fashion.

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