Beautiful nails is the dream, a beautiful and healthy makes us proud, and praised, following the live beauty pedia gives tips healthy and beauty for making nails beautiful , pedicure manicure nails are doing the cleaning in all parts of our nails, For nails so shiny that good is to use natural ingredients. Natural materials will be able to keep the moisture needed for nail nails look more shiny and more beautiful. Doing a self-cleaning is very important for girls, it can clean up by giving vitamins to your nails, by way of vitamins or Apply special nail cream, massaging the area around the nails of hands and feet, or it could with immediate clean up this way, Clean toenails and hands with nail polish and nail scissors slightly curved shape and miserly sharp tip and then rub the surface of the scrub on the soles of the feet and hands to be more subtle
to care for us in a way toenails, soak the feet and hands in a bowl of warm water and hand brush toenails slowly with a soft brush and dry with a soft towel, after the beautiful, and give your nails vitamins back so strong, and the drink was milk calcium food served to strengthen the nail so it is not easily broken, it could also use lemon juice, way is easy, take a lemon and slice into pieces. Use slices to clean the nail surface until clean. After that, allow for some time before cleaning with clean water. 
Not only nails so shiny,  or use garlic to strengthen nails, Garlic is proven to make your nails stronger and not easily broken. It is already broken and it is very different from people who do not use this method. The way you cut it and put just enough garlic to your nails and rub it on the top of the nail. Do it this way repeatedly to get strong nails with a maximum.

as garlic, there was also using starfruit, starfruit Carambola is a kind of star fruit that tastes very sour. Due to the acidic nature makes starfruit can be used to treat the nails so shiny. The trick is to divide starfruit, then rub it over the surface of the nail until it is clean and shiny , 

 You can also soak the nails as much as once a week for more flex nails that are not easily broken. and making humidity natural fingernails will also be maintained in this way. In addition, the hand may appear shiny nails naturally beautiful with the help of olive oil.

after attempting to use a lemon, you can also try using watermelon rind, watermelon skin is not edible. But watermelon rind can be used as one way of taking care of the nails so shiny. The trick is to rub the skin above Permutation watermelon nails. After that wait for the water to dry before sticking watermelon cleaned using clean water, can make your nails stronger and cleaner. so hopefully useful tips for Pedikur And Manikur Nails for Beauty Fashion , and you can look stunning because it has beautiful nails.

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