Smooth Hair Free Skin Tips for Beauty Live, live in beautiful indeed dearer women, one of them by making them healthy skin and free of fur, feathers where the skin is often considered to reduce beauty. Treatment to remove the hair or body hair in order to look more beautiful often done to make it look pretty perfect, following the live beauty pedia gave Smooth Hair Free Skin Tips for Beauty Live and so, healthy.

Number one , Using cream, hair removal cream works from basic follicle pores of our skin. This technique is most appropriate for a fairly wide area, such as in the legs, arms and body, or by using a laser cleaner fur, cost for this method is usually quite large, and the time required is also relatively more. results are quite satisfactory, our skin clean, but it is not permanent.

Feathers grow back within a certain period, depending on the hormone that develops in the body. In this method, a laser beam will illuminate the skin to penetrate the follicle. The resulting heat will destroy the hair follicle and inhibits hair growth temporarily. and make our skin clean, if you have not had time and no budget, we can try a natural way.

Ie with papaya, Papaya is a fruit that contains active enzymes such as papaya. Papaya is able to prevent hair growth. Not only that papaya also helps make the fuzz that exist in the body becomes invisible and helps in exfoliating the skin, making our skin clean of feathers, which makes us look beautiful and healthy, after papaya, we need to try to remove the hair with lemon, lemon can help remove facial hair.

Although not disappear can at least disguise the fur on the area around the face hands and feet, so it looks white and clean of feathers. This is due to the lemon that contains whitening so fur is not too visible.

and the last tips for smooth hair for beauty and healthy is to use honey, honey will be used to remove the hair legs that look less beautiful, makes us fall out and missing feathers so it looks clean and beautiful.

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